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There are 25 million menstruators in the US who live in poverty, but food stamps do not cover menstrual products.

Our give back initiative was created to support our community. We will be donating a percentage of proceeds to causes that supply underprivileged people with menstrual care products each quarter.

Kannavie’s vision is to become a pioneer in the wellness industry by normalizing vaginal wellness through easily digestible education, and thriving communities. Putting our money where our mouth is and supporting underprivileged communities living in period poverty is one of the ways we are living up to our word.


Refers to the lack of access to menstrual products.

- The β€œpink tax” collected on menstrual products in the majority of the US

- The shame associated with periods

are major contributors to period poverty and a barrier to reproductive & intimate health.

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When I make a purchase, do you give the menstrual care products to the shelters immediately?

No. When you make a purchase your purchase will be counted toward a quarterly giving goal.

When does Kannavie give to the shelters?

With the help of our sponsors and through your purchase, we give quarterly. After the quarter ends, we make shelter deliveries or donations.

How do I know you are really giving to shelters?

We give on a quarterly basis, which gives us time to accurately count the number of shelters and families that will be reached. We will share publicly on our site and social media outlets the number of lives your purchases are impacting

What kind of products are you giving away?

We are committed to the safety of fellow vulva owners so we make sure that the menstrual products we donate are non toxic and organic.


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